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This blog is about sharing our (mis)adventures of buying, building and transforming our home and garden in La Alpujarra, Spain.
Our plans are to be off grid and organic and to plan our new home using Permaculture principles.

I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures on our way to a simpler, self sufficient life in the sun.

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  • 2017 reflections

    2017 reflections

    When a New Year begins and you glance back on the year that’s passed, its easy to feel like not much has been achieved! Its simple to feel like you’re sanding still or, looking at the big picture, that you didn’t achieve what you set out to. I’ve been doing …Read More »
  • Late summer garden memories!

    Late summer garden memories!

    Our garden looked fabulous this summer, and we got bumper crops of everything! We have, this last month or so started having to buy veg again for the first time since May. I’d definitely say we’d had success this year! We’ve grown flowers as well as fruit and veg and …Read More »
  • Olive harvest numero uno!

    Olive harvest numero uno!

    We did it! Our very first olive harvest! And we’ve got some of the tastiest organic, cold pressed olive oil I’ve ever tasted!!!!! The process is pretty rewarding! A long week of hard graft, hand picking olives from our trees and at the end of it all, watching our own …Read More »
  • The garden, one year on!

    The garden, one year on!

    So we have prioritised making a garden before building a house to live in…..makes total sense right? Last summer we managed to get some veg in the ground having not long arrived, but this year we have really gone to town! We have a mix of flowers, plants and vegetables …Read More »
  • No poo? Eh!

    No poo? Eh!

    So I’d like to say that I initially stopped using shampoo on my hair as I didnt want to use chemical products on my body, but it actually started because I am a total minger! We have a great solar shower that is fantastic in the summer months but come …Read More »
  • The big wind!

    The big wind!

    So, it’s been a tad windy! Just some light 120 km/h winds, you know, to keep me on my toes!   It’s been a rough few days! The wind has been so strong that I have been on ‘wind patrol’ every twenty minutes for the past two days, day and …Read More »
  • Hot water you say?

    Hot water you say?

    By the power of the sun….we have hot water! Hot water that comes out with excellent pressure to wash ones manky, dusty self! Oh it is wonderful. It´s not posh. It´s not stylish. But it sure is the best shower I have ever had.  We bought 100M of black water …Read More »
  • Yurt life

    Yurt life

    Finally: after three months, five house moves, an extra dog and lots and lots of hard work, we are living on our own land in Spain!!!! Huzzah! We are loving yurt life! Waking up to the views of the Sierra Lujar, constant blue skies  and the sound of the birds …Read More »
  • Humanure compost toilet

    Humanure compost toilet

    You do WHAT with your poo? We made the decision to have humanure compost toilets inside and out! We like them; it means we are dealing with our own waste, you get compost out of it at the end (returning veggie scraps and food waste back to the earth). We´re …Read More »
  • Living in Spain

    Living in Spain

    We absolutely love living in Spain! OK, so it hasn´t been a massive amount of time but we are loving it all the same! It´s all very real now! I get up and go to work down on the coast and Matt goes to the land to work for the …Read More »
  • Looks like we’ve made it!

    Looks like we’ve made it!

    So we have finally arrived! We are in Spain, in Orgiva, and it feels soooo good to be back. We have driven through four countries to get here (Wales, England, France and Spain) and in my humble opinion, was well worth the drive rather than flying or getting the ferry. …Read More »
  • The endless move!

    The endless move!

    I always knew that moving house was super fun! I’ve moved more times than I’d like to remember. But this move….. …This move has been epic! Not only has it taken us longer than most moves as it had to happen in stages, but we also managed to turn it …Read More »
  • Pre-move musings

    Pre-move musings

    I’m sitting here gazing out at Swansea bay. International removal men been and gone! House is empty (ish) and Im looking out at our magnificent view wondering why I haven’t done more of this; just sitting and watching the tide go in and out! Our views in Orgiva are spectacular …Read More »
  • When all your plans change…

    When all your plans change…

      ….kind of! So we have many many changes to our original plan which was; get the builders in, we would fly down in February once they had done their basic work, we put in a kitchen, bathroom and tile the whole house and then its pretty livable. Then we …Read More »
  • Driving to Spain with the dog in tow!

    Driving to Spain with the dog in tow!

    Happy New Year! After some major procrastinating over Christmas and New Year, plans are finally rushing ahead and time seems to be running away too!Eek! Luckily we thought to visit the vet with Bryn in November to sort out all of his travelling needs (where this inspiration came from I …Read More »
  • Let the adventure commence!

    Let the adventure commence!

    After much to-ing and fro-ing we finally own our home in Spain! We are so excited that the adventure is moving forward after many a set back. The Spanish law of ‘one more document’ couldnt hold us back! No sir-ee! It’s now all systems go with getting the builders in….although …Read More »
  • Volunteer on our eco project in Orgiva, Spain!

    Volunteer on our eco project in Orgiva, Spain!

    We will be accepting volunteers from about April 2015 to help in whatever aspects of the project you fancy or have specific skills in (or whatever we need help with at the time). Initially, there will be clearing the land of long dry grass and experimenting with the asequia system …Read More »
  • The ruins!

    The ruins!

    There are old animal shelters adjoining our house. They are about ten meters long and three meters wide. Currently single storey (ish). We want to renovate these into holiday accommodation and offer holidays for families with children with autism. As well as having a space where friends and family can …Read More »
  • Fire!!!


    So, we received news that no first time buyer wants to hear! “There’s been a bit of an accident” – Oh God! The sorry tale goes like this… We’d had an offer accepted on the house after completely falling in love with it in the summer. It had lots of …Read More »
  • Garden


    Hmmm…it’s difficult to know where to start with the garden as there’s so much we want to do with it. And so much that has to be done before even starting.  I’ll start by describing what is there now. The land we have with the house is about 1250 square …Read More »