The ruins!

There are old animal shelters adjoining our house. They are about ten meters long and three meters wide. Currently single storey (ish). We want to renovate these into holiday accommodation and offer holidays for families with children with autism. As well as havingIMAG3377 a space where friends and family can come and stay.

As the space is small we were worried that they wouldn’t be big enough to house a family. But after looking on Pinterest (my favourite place for house porn) and playing around with design software, we have worked out that we just need to be canny when designing the inside space. There is so much inspiration online now about designing your ‘tiny home’ or ‘narrowboat renovations’ that its easy to see how we can make this work.

There will be a small kitchen and seating area with a sofa bed, a bathroom, a double bedroom as well as a single bedroom.

Realistically, this isn’t going to get done for quite a while. We need to renovate our house first aIMAG3379nd at least get some basic planting done in the garden, as well as our veggie garden before even looking at this project! But, we won’t be waiting too long; oh no, no rest for the wicked; as we will need to have some kind of income in order to live.

We will be entertaining work aways/volunteers to help with our project. We are unsure how the walls of the ruins will hold up against being meddled with, and as much as we would like to keep as much of the original building as possible, we do have a congiency plan. If the walls need rebuilding, we will rebuild using cob or sand filled bottles. We are learning as we go. We have no experience of building in this way (or building generally, to be honest) so any help from volunteers who have experience in cob or alternative building will be greatly welcomed.

For now, the ruins will make excellent storage sheds!

2 thoughts on “The ruins!

  1. Oh my goodness! How did I not hear about this on the grapevine? (No pun intended!) Seriously guys, I am so pleased for you both as well as inspired and wish you both the very best with it all!
    I’m sure you guys can give The ruins the TLC that is needed and keep each other motivated when energy might slump a bit – as it’s bound too!
    Why don’t you draw up a massive vision board to keep you motivated and draw on the law of attraction! It will be fun to compare it to the finished article!
    I’ll look forward to hearing of your progress. I truly admire your leap of faith – I wish I had your gutts!
    If anyone can make it happen then I am sure you two can!
    Would love to lend a hand in the future.
    Keep me posted!
    Big up to you both!

    • Thanks Beck! We are pretty excited about the whole thing! Be lovely to get friendly faces out with us volunteering! Hope to catch you soon, lots of love x

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