The big wind!

So, it’s been a tad windy! Just some light 120 km/h winds, you know, to keep me on my toes!


It’s been a rough few days! The wind has been so strong that I have been on ‘wind patrol’ every twenty minutes for the past two days, day and night putting my house back together. The sombrero (canvas covering the dome of the yurt) kept flying off, the canvas unwrapping itself from the entire yurt, and the door, frankly, being a pain in my bum.

By the time I finished repairs, I’d have to start all over again. Like a really fun game that lasts FOREVER!

By 5am on the first night, after a laughing fit outside in the ridiculous wind holding onto a bit of snapped rope to keep the lid on the yurt (it was either laugh or cry, so I opted for hysterics!!) I think I managed to ‘solve’ the problem. Big bulky cement blocks! Blocks to hold the ropes. Blocks to weigh down the brick holding down the rope. Bricks holding the bricks holding the bricks….you get the idea. So my brick solution is so far working! Even though it took me about ten attempts to get to that point.

Problem number two….Since putting up the yurt we haven’t quite been able to work out how to close the end of the canvas (the overlap) it hasn’t been a problem up until now, but alas, the wind likes to whip it into a frenzy and try and tear the whole shebang off the yurt! On the second night of half-hourly checks and repairs I decided enough was enough…..where are those magical cement blocks? Yes, my solution was to heave a block (in an attempted controlled way) onto the roof of the yurt to hold the canvas together. Hoping and praying it wouldn’t smash through the roof I heave-ho’d the brick! It didn’t smash through the ceiling, and my trusty cement blocks are still my friend.

This is all really fun stuff, when its pitch black outside and the batteries are dying in your head torch, the wind is howling, the old olive trees are creaking, and you’re trying to keep everything crossed that the trees don’t fall down. Then you get whipped in the face by a rope, cut your hands on the bricks, throw your hands in the air and sit on the floor in the dark, in the wind and have a little cry!

I am all about being an independent woman. Girl power! I can do anything a man can do. And I can. But that night, sat on the floor outside having a cry, I really really wished my big strong man was here! I soon had a word with myself and got back to it! Problems number one and two were sorted for now. Lets now deal with problem number three. The door. We have an internal door that opens inward and a solid wooden outer door that opens outwards. The outer door has warped in the sun and doesn’t quite close. Enter big wind. Catches the door, it swings open violently, bangs against the side of the yurt knocking roof poles out before the wind blows open the inner doors, they slam and knock more roof poles out. Cue the dog freaking out, he escapes and runs around outside….by this point I don’t need this S*@t, so decide to just barricade the door from the inside with the shoe rack after chasing the dog back inside.

I considered taking myself and the dog to sleep in the car….but then I got the fear! Real big fear! What if the doors swing open? wind gets inside? creates uplift and suddenly the yurt is swirling in the air and we are definitely not in Kansas anymore Toto! I decided to stare at the ceiling jumping around for the next few hours instead.  On the plus side, when the sombrero flies off, you get a really good view of the stars! …for two seconds before hurling yourself outdoors again to catch the damned piece of ridiculously heavy canvas before it blows away.

This started a few days ago…it’s still happening! The weather warnings have been upgraded to hurricane gusts and I for one can’t wait for the winds to get worse! To add to my woes, the gas bottles for the heater AND the stove ran out today so I had to drag big calor gas bottles to the car, in the wind, replace them then bring the heavier filled bottles back and reconnect them. I seriously feel like super woman. I am pretty impressed with myself. But I know my smug face will disappear when another rope snaps, more bricks keep getting moved and lifted, the doors slam open and the roof poles fall out. Hmph!

I’m living on the edge guys, but this is all part of the adventure right? Pass me the valium!