Hello and welcome to burntlemons!

We have left our careers behind on an epic adventure in search of a simpler, sunnier, slower pace of life in the south of Spain. We aim to be completely off grid; solar panels for electricity and an ancient acequia system for our irrigation water; design and develop our land with permaculture at its heart  and generally enjoy the journey of building our new lives and home in Spain.


Who are we?

A man, a woman and a dog!

I am a Teacher specialising in Autism. I worked hard for my career over the years and when stress triggered intense illness, I realised something had to give. I teach part-time now, after having to give up my dream job (this was a massive struggle) but I soon got over that when I realised the kind of life we could be living and the freedom (and health) working part time gives me. I dont want to be defined by my career any more, I want to be defined by the person that I am and the way I live (which is with a lot of love, by the way!)

My husband is a Nurse and for him, the idea of not being able to enjoy life until after retirement is a depressing one. He is a beautifully kind soul, my best friend and fellow adventurer. We are excited to share the journey together of moving to a new country and renovating our home, garden and lives. Nothing seems scary with him by my side so we’re going to give it a bloody good go.

I want this blog to chronicle our adventure. Our experiences of moving to a new country, getting involved with the community, entertaining volunteers and the projects we involve them with. The renovation of the house and adjoining ruins. The development of a permaculture garden and becoming as self sufficient as possible. I also want to post about the renewable energy we use as well as new animals we will be keeping (Im VERY excited about keeping chickens!!)

…and what about the dog?

I cant finish without mentioning our baby. He is big and ginger and very hairy, he is our fur baby and he will be joining in on the adventures. His name is Bryn and he’s likely to cause more mischief than help, but he is adorable and we love him very much and forgive him most things.


We really hope to be able to achieve our self sufficient dreams and would love to hear from people who share the dream or are living the dream or are trying to live the dream.

Wish us luck,