Here are some links to some interesting websites and blogs where people are documenting their new lives abroad and attempting something similar to us; they have permaculture designed outdoor spaces or excellent information on different building types, green energies etc. and interesting stories to tell.


*Fantastic blog about their lives off grid in Portugal. Lots of how to articles, worth a visit;

Permaculturing in Portugal

*Good guest article on ‘underground’ cob build in the north of Spain;

*A family living off grid near Barcelona;

Off grid in Spain

*Lots of information on different technologies; cob, straw bale, solar, growing food, waste treatment and more! They are based in North Spain;

Abrazo house

*They offer unique educational programmes in green energy, permaculture, desertification and we are a hands-on practical centre for low-impact living and environmental education in Andalusia, Spain;


*A family’s adventures trying to start a permaculture centre near Malaga;

Solo en Espana

*A couple living in the south of spain tending their permaculture land and renovating their home;

Cortijo la Buena Vida


*Maybe you’re looking for your own slice of rural heaven? I like Greenshifters to browse lush properties throughout Europe and the UK. Have a gander here;

Green Shifters