Hello and welcome to burntlemons!

us outside house

This blog is about sharing our (mis)adventures of buying, building and transforming our home and garden in Orgiva, Spain.

I know! I know! I can hear you groaning…many people dream of living life in the sunshine, growing vegetables, going green, taking daily siestas etc.  but we have decided to actually live the dream! Or at least try very hard to!

I hope to chronicle our adventures on our way to a simpler, self sufficient life in the sun.


I thought maybe my blog name needed a little explanation. I may explain it in a round-about way, but I’ll get there in the end.

There are thoughts behind the name, believe me, as random as that name may sound….let me explain!

When I arrived home from my first trip to Orgiva, I was excitedly telling everyone about this amazing place I had visited. More than once someone would reply about whether or not I had read a book about the area called ‘Driving over lemons’ by Chris Stewart. I hadn’t heard of it, but have since read it! I fell in love with the town just like Chris did!


Skip forward a couple of months and after having an offer accepted on the house, we get some news!

Doom and gloom news! There has been a fire in the property!

“What? A fire? Holy moses! What are we going to do? Our dream…slipping….away…!”

As it turns out, the fire caused only cosmetic damage, so after another visit to Spain, we were happy to go ahead!

Back to the name of the blog! Cue session of Matt and myself chatting about possible blog names over a few glasses of wine and Chris Stewarts book comes up in conversation. Matt says “We’re not driving over lemons, we are stumbling over burnt lemons.”(he’s a funny guy, my Matt)!

So there you go!

Welcome to burntlemons.com and I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures! Maybe you’d like to come and visit us and volunteer some day! We’d love to have you!

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